20-22 July 2018 - Hillsborough Park, Sheffield

Terms & Conditions

All Tickets are issued either by us or on our behalf. Any person who purchases, possesses, uses or attempts to use any Ticket shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with these Conditions. In the case of any conflict or ambiguity between these Conditions and the Site Rules or conditions of the Official Ticketing Agent, these Conditions will prevail.
Tickets may only be purchased from us (via the Official Ticketing Agent) or through any other sale or transfer mechanism authorised in writing by us. Tickets purchased or obtained from any other source shall be void and may be seized or cancelled without refund or compensation.

These Conditions govern all Tickets issued for the Event and the admission to the Venue and should be read in accordance with the Site Rules and the conditions of the Official Ticketing Agent. 

The nominated payment card or the registered bank account used to purchase Tickets must be registered in the name and address of the Ticket Purchaser. We reserve the right to refuse any application for Tickets from any person who fails to comply with this condition or to cancel any Tickets purchased in breach of this condition.

To prevent fraud and protect both you and us, either we or the Official Ticketing Agent may carry out checks and/or you may be asked to provide additional information (such as a copy of a credit or debit card statement) after your booking so we can verify your purchase. If we or the Official Ticketing Agent suspect fraud, we may cancel any order for Tickets.

The sale or other issuance of any Ticket is final and non-refundable except in special circumstances or as required by applicable law. We reserve the right to not replace or accept any Ticket that has been lost, stolen, forgotten, damaged, defaced or forged, or any Ticket which is unreadable or incomplete. Keep your Ticket safe.

Wristbands will be issued upon entry to the festival site at Hillsborough Park. All tickets must be exchanged for a wristband which must be worn all weekend.
You must collect in person, and may NOT collect a wristband on behalf of someone else.
Children’s 12 & under tickets may be collected alongside your adult tickets and do not require the children to be present.
Tickets ARE NOT transferable, you will be required to show ID in the name of the Lead  ticket buyer to collect your wristband.
Under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and ID may be requested.
Tickets will be available for download and print nearer to the festival. If you bought your ticket through our website you can resend order confirmation here. 

Please see here for more details about the conditions of our Official Ticketing Agent.

Conditions of Entry

  1. By entering the stage areas, you are agreeing to the following conditions:
  2. No alcohol is to be consumed within the queue area.
  3. Failure to comply will result in eviction from the site.
  4. The management reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject any person for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or annoyance or failure to comply with the reasonable requests of the management.
  5. The management retain the right to search all persons and property and refuse admission to, or eject from, the event any person who refuses to be searched by a police officer or authorised officer.
  6. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible Adult, please be prepared to show proof of age id on request.
  7. There is no pass out system. If you exit the venue you will have to queue again to re-enter.
  8. No alcohol is too brought to the event. Only alcohol purchased on site may be consumed within event arenas.
  9. No food is to be taken in to the event arena. Allowances will be made for snacks for children or medical issues. There are food traders on site with a variety of options.
  10. Battery chargers for mobile phones are permitted
  11. Anyone suspected of underage drinking may be subject to alcohol testing. Failure to comply may result in entry being refused or ejection from the site.
  12. No glass or tins will be allowed into the event.
  13. Water may be taken into the arena providing the seal is intact. Max capacity 500ml.
  14. No chairs or tables are to be brought to the event.
  15. No cutlery will be allowed into the event.
  16. No golf umbrellas will be allowed into the event, you may bring compact umbrellas.
  17. No barbecues or cooking stoves will be allowed into the event.
  18. No animals are allowed in to the event except assistance dogs.
  19. To speed up the search and entry we do not allow large bags into the event, please only bring what you need and a small bag if necessary.
  20. The event management and promoter reserve the right to amend or make alterations to the published details of the event as shall become necessary.
  21. Neither the promotor nor the venue management shall be responsible for loss or damage to personal property brought into the venue, unless caused by negligence of the promoter or venue management.
  22. The management retain the right to restrict the use of cameras, video or any other form of re-cording equipment if deemed necessary.
  23. Upon entry to the event you give your express consent to the use of actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising or exploration or any film, video and/or audio recording of this event.
  24. CCTV surveillance is in operational the venue. Warning: the event may contain sound level/effects which may cause injury to your hearing and may contain strobe lighting.
  25. Entry to event areas constitutes an acceptance of these terms and conditions by the festival-goer and implies an undertaking to observe them.
Media & Recordings
Photographs or any other recordings of sound or images taken by a Ticket Holder within the Venue may be used for personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes only. The Ticket Holder shall not, except for personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes and in any event not for commercial gain, disseminate at any time, over the internet, radio, television and/or any other current and/or future form or type of media, any sound, image, description of the Event (in whole or in part) including (without limitation) any such content made, recorded or captured in still or moving form by mobile phones or by any other form of wireless and/or portable device, and shall not assist any other person(s) in the conduct of such activities. Any recording or transmitting equipment (including professional cameras), unauthorised photos, recordings, tapes, films or similar items may be confiscated and/or destroyed by us.