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Get to know Ardyn

Ahead of their set at the Cathedral, we catch up with brother-sister duo Ardyn to learn a little more about their dark pop sound.

For anyone new to your sibling-built creation, describe Ardyn in a sentence.
We are a duo that play dramatic, dark pop. It’s sometimes positive.

Whilst Gloucester is a beautiful part of England, it is quite an unusual part of the country to make a breakthrough as a band. How did you go about drumming up so much momentum?
We played a lot of shows around the south-west over the past few years which gained us a small following and then, with the help of BBC Introducing in the West, we got offered some bigger gigs.

Ardyn is the Latin for ‘enthusiastic’, but a sense of dread often surfaces in your material. This is perhaps most prominent on the eerily sparse ‘The Garden’ and ‘Universe’ which begins in Radiohead territory, but seems to arrive at somewhere more hopeful towards its conclusion. What inspired this depth of emotion?
The Garden was inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. One night, we binge-watched the whole series that Colin Firth’s in and then, a few days later, The Garden was written.
Universe was inspired by a piece of faded astronomy revision homework that I had left on my wall.

‘Help Me on My Way’ is particularly special, and there’s not a more fitting Tramlines venue for such a track than Sheffield Cathedral. Have you performed in a space like this before?
No, we haven't as a full band, so we're really excited for it. It looks like a stunning place to play.

I’ve noticed, on your Twitter feed, you’re both enjoying sifting through record shops of late – what albums are you currently digging?
We’re both loving Paul McCartney's solo album RAM, Spring King and Kurt Vile.

Is there a long-term masterplan for Ardyn? Could you imagine your project knocking on the door of the mainstream, or are you happy to express yourselves on your terms?
I think we are open minded to see where are music takes us. We’ve really only just started. We like trying all different styles but are overall very happy expressing ourselves on our own terms for the time being. We’ve got plenty of time.

Will the next release follow the tried and tested blueprints of debut EP ‘Universe’, or will you be venturing into new space?
I think we are venturing into a bit more of a feisty dynamic, which has been really fun.

Finally, what have you got in store for Tramlines Festival?
We’ll play a set of old and new material that we hope the people of Sheffield will enjoy. I’m sure it’s all new to most people who see us at present. It's a full band set up, so a bit more raw then the EP’s overall vibe. We’re looking forward to it

20 June 2016

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