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Get to know All We Are

We catch up with the alt-pop band ahead of their headline festival set at The Cathedral at this year's Tramlines. Check them out here, and pick up tickets for the show here.

All We Are - how did this name come about?

The name is a reflection of us as humans and as a unit. For us there is a cathartic release of emotion in playing the songs, particularly live, and we want there to be a feeling of togetherness and warmth when the listener experiences it. This is what All We Are is about.

How did the 3 of you come meet one and other and eventually form the band?

We met on day one in Uni and just really got on, we had a jam that same day and a few pints and that was that.

Your music appears to have multiple facets and influences - how would you describe your sound?

For our first record we do think the tag 'The Bee Gees on diazepam' was very suited! The new stuff we're writing is a more symptomatic of the times we're living in now. Faster, more urgent and darker.

The crisp drums and bright guitar tones on your self-titled debut album create a really clean, clear and bold style of production. What exactly influenced this approach?

With the first album we really just wanted to capture what we were about. We love what we do and there's a beauty in the way we play together live. Dan Carey did a great job of polishing it up and it's his stamp of production you hear on the record.

I stumbled across a cover you made of Caribou's 'Cant Do Without You' - very impressive! Does this ever reach your live set lists?

Yeah, we absolutely love that track. We’ve played it live loads, such a summer vibe to it, it always goes down a treat.

What's the best and worst thing about being in a touring band?

Best thing is that you get to travel and see loads of amazing places, play amazing gigs and hang out with your best friends while doing what you love. Worst thing…you do see a lot of each other

Around 3 years ago you guys were digging artists like Frank Ocean, Metronomy and Outkast. What sort of stuff are you all listening to now?

Lately we’ve been really into Neu, Talking Heads, Grace Jones, The Cure, New Order, Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain among others. We’re really vibing the post punk tunes at the moment. There feels like there is a new musical movement in response to the harsher times and we're drawing inspiration from some of the artists who pioneered the first reactionary movement in the 80's.

What does the future hold for All We Are?

We’re working on our second record, It’s sonically bigger, bolder and way more urgent.

Finally, what have you got in store for us at Tramlines Festival?

We're definitely going to play a few of our newer tunes but fear not, there will always be the favourites from the first record. We're really looking forward to it.

26 May 2016

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