Fri 21 - Sun 23 July

Five minutes with Coco

Ahead of his set on Toddla T's Friday night bill at o2 Academy, we caught up with rising MC and home-grown talent Coco.

The likes of Skepta, Novelist and Stormzy are all getting big festival slots this summer. Why do you think grime is finally gaining so much momentum?

I think grime has always had good momentum. The difference now is the media is catching up with what has been happening for time. Stormzy got a Top Ten before Xmas with a freestyle, one-take video. You can't keep ignoring those kind of achievements.

Who is your favourite grime MC of the moment?

There are some solid grime MCs out there at the minute. On the one hand you have Skepta & Kano with new and outstanding releases out, and then there are the newcomers like AJ Tracey who is killing it. It's tough to pick favourites.

You recently performed at The Plug during Outlines Festival. How did that go down?

I played my first gig ever at the Plug when I was 14, and 10+ years later im part of Outlines! It was great having all my fam down for the gig.

Is your live show influencing the writing of your material?

It depends on the vibes of the track I'm creating. Obviously, when you write some tracks you are thinking how would you do it live and vice versa, if something works really well in the live show I'll incorporate it within a track too.

Your recent hits ‘Big Bou Yah’ and ‘Big n Serious’ have gone down very well. Just how influential was the collaboration with local Sheffield producer Toddla T on these tracks?

Man like Toddla has been a great influence on me in the last 12 months, hooking up with him and creating some wicked Sheffield madness! He's a G!

Are you planning on creating a full-length album release at some point?

I'm always writing but i have no plans for an album release at the moment, though I've probably got an album's worth of material now!

What words of advice would you give to any budding young MCs?

Be original.

And finally, what can we expect from your set at Tramlines?

Its gonna be a madness. Got all our mates on the Toddla T stage.

04 May 2016

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