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A catch up with Ekkah

Ahead of their Friday night show at The Harley, we catch up with disco-funk duo Ekkah about sequins, PMA and getting into scrapes backstage.

For anyone new to you, describe Ekkah in one sentence.

Two best friends with PMA (positive mental attitude) who hang out, write dancefloor - funk - pop music together and have a mutual love of sequins + glitter!

Give us some background on this project - how did it go from idea to touring band?

We’ve been playing music together for the past 10 years in different forms and two years ago we decided we wanted to start a band that had loads of fun on stage but also involved the audience in one big fat party. We hid away one summer and wrote loads and loads of tunes in the countryside, it was such a special time. When we found our sound we decided to ask some friends to come play with us and EKKAH hit the road!

Your previous group, ‘The Arcadian Kicks’, sounds resoundingly different to your latest; how did this grungy setup evolve into lush electro-funk?

We were 15 when we started The Arcadian Kicks and it was relevant to the music we were listening to at the time but we grew out of it quite quickly once we discovered disco and dance music. We realised this was the kind of music we wanted to write and perform: fun, uplifting, energy-filled tunes that get everyone dancing.

What sorts of bands influence your sound?

Everything from old school bands like Chic, Funkadelick, B-52s, Earth, Wind & Fire and solo legends like Michael Jackson, PJ Harvey, Madonna, Prince (RIP). True icons that have really owned their own sound up to Chk Chk Chk, Vulfpeck, Crazy P, Shamir, Daft Punk.

You’ll probably have noticed that #indieamnesty took Twitter by storm earlier this month. What’s your greatest indie music related confession?

We got caught having a smoke in the toilets post smoking ban at a Klaxons gig during an NME tour - said we were really sorry and they let us back into party!

You very recently performed in Sheffield’s ‘Bungalows and Bears’, how did that go down?

It was amazing! AHHH we love Sheffield. Everyone is always so welcoming and the crowd is always awesome up there! I swear people were dancing on chairs at the back. Roll on Tramlines!

Is there a debut album in the making?

We've been working really hard for the past year, writing and recording in the UK but also Sweden and LA. Can’t wait for everyone to hear! We have a lot of songs and a lot of them are finished so we are going to take some time to pick the best of it and get it out there. There is always a right time for these things and we want to make sure whenever it comes out we know we’ve done everything we can to make it the best it can be.

Just how far can Ekkah go? Jungle, for example, boast a similar brand of soulful and tropical electronica and their debut was an undoubted triumph that flirted with mass mainstream success. Can this model be emulated, or even surpassed?

We like to think of EKKAH as a way of life. We're best friends who are always there for each other and sometimes life is pretty tough so it’s good to have a friend to fall back on. We live by PMA and keeping positive and grateful for all of life's adventures. Comparisons are always going to be drawn, but when it comes to different artists we like to think there is a creative space for everyone who has something unique to offer. We’re just happy to be doing what we love and if people like it that's AMAZING!

So finally, how do you plan on getting us Sheffield folk dancing at this year's Tramlines ?

We have a sparkly new set ready for you, new moves, more sequins, more glitter, more fun!!! Our aim is get more people dancing on chairs again!!

04 May 2016

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