22–24 Jul 2016

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Getting Here

Getting Around

Tramlines turns the whole of Sheffield into one big festival site.

To improve the festival experience for the tens of thousands of music-lovers coming to Tramlines, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of the event, we encourage visitors to use public transport to get to us.

There are tons of options for getting around, so read on and keep an eye Facebook and Twitter for full information on how to get about by foot, bike, public transport or car share with more than two people.

Leave the car at home! There is no parking available around the Main stage area. There are plenty of public transport options available to save you from driving.

Take note of the festival signage which will be up around the City Centre. If you're walking to the Main Stage, we've planned a safe walking route which avoids busy roads.

Watch out for live traffic. While we try to close as many roads as we can, there are still lots that remain open within the city. Please take care when crossing the roads and respect the stewards who are there for your protection. Please be aware that roads that may have previously been closed may be reopened his year. Please keep an eye out.


Whether you are travelling to the festival by train or car, Supertram is a fantastic option.

With services every five to ten minutes and an exclusive Festival Explorer Day Ticket giving unlimited all-day travel in the City Centre, Supertram will take you to many of the festival stages and venues and is the perfect ticket from Sheffield Train Station. Meanwhile, two Weekend Tickets give you unlimited access to the whole network for either two or three days.

Alternatively, if you are coming to Sheffield by car, Supertram's Park and Ride will allow you to park and travel from just £4.50

Festival Explorer Day Ticket £3.00

Unlimited travel in the City Centre to Nunnery Square, Granville Road and Infirmary Road

Can be purchased:

  • On tram

  • Wristband Exchange Points

2 Day Weekender - unlimited travel network-wide, tram only

Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday

Can be purchased:

  • On Tram

  • Wristband Exchange Points

3 Day Weekender - unlimited travel network wide, tram only.

Can be purchased:

  • Online

  • On Tram

  • Wristband Exchange Points

Park & Ride:

Day single £4.50

Includes parking and the driver's tram travel

Family £6.50

Up to 2 adults and 2 children. Available Sat & Sun

Day ‘Park Only’ Ticket Price: £2.50

See here for more details

For full information visit www.supertram.com


Lift-sharing is a convenient and sustainable way of travelling to Tramlines. You'll save money by sharing travel costs, and also get the chance to meet some new people on the way. Who knows, you may even end up partying together! If you want to know more, check outLiftShare's top five reasons you should car share in 2015.

Check out our festival page on Liftshare.com to offer your journey as a driver or book a lift as a passenger.